Feminist Legal Studies Journal

Feminist Legal Studies was started as a collective by women working at Kent Law School at the University of Kent at Canterbury. It was the first UK peer-reviewed, scholarly journal to focus specifically on feminist legal scholarship. At a time when it was difficult to get feminist work published in established ‘malestream’ (male-dominated) legal journals, it provided a venue for that work and in doing so, helped to nurture and develop the field of feminist legal studies, both in the UK and internationally.Colour photo of woman's arm, writing, working at a desk

The first issue was published in 1993. Since then, it has provided a space for the cutting edge of feminist legal scholarship. It continues, alongside its sister journal Feminists@Law, to nurture the work of successive generations of feminist scholars both in the UK and internationally.

The full version of this landmark is written by Rosemary Hunter.



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feminists@law http://journals.kent.ac.uk/index.php/feministsatlaw