Landmarks by topic

Landmarks by topic

Consistent with feminist legal history methodology, which seeks to subvert the Whig tale of steady progress for women from injustice to equality, we have grouped the landmarks within seven overarching themes:

  • Culture
  • Crime
  • Equality
  • Family
  • First women
  • Property
  • Representation

You can access the landmarks within each theme via the drop down box in the top menu.

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Project leaders, Rosemary Auchmuty and Erika Rackley, talk to Elizabeth Woodcraft about the aims, methodology and ambitions for the Project for PodAcademy

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The landmarks that appear on this website were chosen by participants in the Women’s Legal Landmarks Project.

If you think a key positive legal landmark for women is missing and you’d like to write about it – then get in touch.

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